This Is It

So this is it, 6.34 somewhere high in the clear sky our adventure begins. Well I must say that I was not nervous about our journey. But I knew it was for me to come.

Yesterday was very difficult, at least for me. Absolutely, I began to doubt the purpose of this trip and this whole thing. When I saw the packed backpack, something in me moved. All day and all night I collected last of my strength in me, to board the plane today. I’m all over it saying goodbye to jelliet, but somewhere secretly know that this can not be a bad move, and that despite all, we will return stronger from our trip, wiser, and equipped with better language and hell, new knowledge that will help us in the coming years of our lives.

So moms and dads, sisters and just everybody who’s had it a bit harder with us the last few days, do not worry!!
OK, well now on to what our next plan is? After landing in Amsterdam we have two hours to transfer to Quito, after landing we will go to the center where Veronika booked accommodation, I think she booked it at about 2 in the morning, so I am curious how it will look like, but apparently they provide super breakfast. Which gets me back to this morning when I ate Mother’s cake and now we dig ecuadorian pancakes, cheese, eggs, and it will be our normal standard diet. It’s just totally crazy !! After breakfast we will go to the bus station, which looks like an ultramodern airport and then we should go to final destination Canoa on the Pacific coast.
What is really important now is that they have Avengers movies and Tron on the flight to Quito, because without them, I really cannot imagine a long flight : D