Quito to Canoa

We are here in Canoa, Ecuador’s Pacific cost.

I must say, Veronika had a good taste in choosing this hotel right on the beach. Well, getting there by bus is quite interesting if you go from Quito, especially on Saturday, when not every connection is available.
We left our hostel in the business center of Quito at around 8 a.m. and we went to catch a trolly bus. It´s like a metro here. In the hostel, they advised us to take number 4 to the end station. We just waited and waited on a platform and nothing else except C1 was coming, so we hopped on the C1 trolly bus, which was totally full. It’s quite an advantage, that we have backpacks because everyone knows where we are going. And after all, with several advice, we finally got to bus station. We caught the bus which was heading to Bahía. The journey was very pleasant and it was like a sightseeing tour. Ecuadorians have really strange taste in choosing movies in buses. We watched 300, I think the most brutal film, that exists. But it is just normal here.

We came to Bahía after 8,5 hours of traveling. The station is far from the city center. It is even further then Bahía jail. Yep, that’s weird. Like in Quito everybody knows where we are going. So we took seat at empty platform and waited for the bus. We were lucky, because the bus arrived in half an hour and we continued 45 minutes to Canoa. We got pretty expensive and not that tasty dinner in a local restaurant. But what was even worse, Veronika just mentioned that we past our hotel when we traveled by bus. Well, normally everywhere in Latin America, you can say name of the location and bus stops there. Yes, I was pretty pissed off. And then we couldn’t find a taxi. So we decided go back to the hotel along the beach. The stars were shining and we went 45 minutes with 20kg backpacks on the beach… There was just a party at the hotel (like almost every night) when we arrived. Just imagine, two guys with big backpacks going from the beach at night. Everybody got silent!! Only the Juan Carlos came to show us where the most important thing – the beer – is and we joined the party.

Every place in the world is formed by people. And this place has quite interesting inhabitants… To be continued…