First morning in Colombia. Migraine was gone, sun was shining, we woke up pretty early and things seemed much more positive. Except for the fact, that we just arrived to a different country without any plan where to go and did not have any Internet connection to help us figure our what to do. So we packed our stuff and moved to a nearby bus terminal, hoping that we would be able to get some food after almost 24 hours of fasting and catch some WiFi.

It was shortly after 7 AM, Sunday morning and almost all shops and restaurants were closed, but after a while of waiting we managed to be the first customers of one place with WiFi. The food here was different from Ecuador, the waitress spoke different Spanish, so we just pointed at something and after a little misunderstanding about cafe negro and cafe tinto (both the same, though) we filled our stomachs and meanwhile just pinned the closest nice looking town with nice looking and cheap hostels – Popayan.

Pasto to Popayan

Right after we left the restaurant we were sold bus tickets and departed in about 10 minutes. The 5 hours long (including a lunch break) ride with a company called TransIpiales was my best bus experience so far. We got a small bottle of juice and mini cookie (which Michal managed to loose on the bus) and there even was WiFi on board (which I later found out is a standard on long distance busses here). Still we were happy to get off the bus in Popayan, as our stomachs were having hard time due to the curvy roads and racing drivers.

Absorbing the Atmosphere in Popayan

Popayan is a small town with bus terminal just about 15 minutes walk from the center. We chose to stay in Hostel Trail and we were very happy about the choice (thanks to Booking.com and their reviews!). The hostel is just a few blocks from the main square on the way from bus terminal.

There are many things to do around Popayan – the most favourite one is downhill mountain biking with a visit of hot springs, but you can also climb a volcano, hike in a national park, take a BMX class and many more. We decided to just take a day off, walk around the beautiful white colonial town, visit some coffee shops, drink some beers and simply absorb the colombian atmosphere. Why not? Check the pictures and you’ll know, why…