Inside Cajas

Nothing hurt me when I woke up, what a pleasant surprise. An even bigger surprise awaited us when we left the tent. On top of the mountain, we looked into the valley on a huge lake, which changed every moment thanks to the ever-changing clouds just above the surface. We first had to document everything properly, we made breakfast, packed everything up and left. The whole thing took us two hours and it was clear that in the coming days, we must speed up packing up and breakfast, if we want to walk the planned distance.

We traversed over a couple of hills and we found a path with marks on it. Even the yellow sign, which we should have followed all the time. Unfortunately, yellow lichens grow here too, so the marks can be easily mistaken with this plants. Well, that was the end of our happiness.

Inconspicuously and suddenly it started to rain and the fog covered everything. The fog was so thick that you could only see at 20 meters. We simply walked along the path until we came across a waterfall and river. The trail ended. It was difficult to identify where we were, as the mountains were covered in the dairy haze. We knew that we have to climb a steep hill, but we did not know which one, because we had not seen any. So we chose the hill, where there were human footprints, and we continued. To our surprise, we came up at the two lakes that we were looking for. We again encountered a hill with a visible path and continued to the lake. The path should have continued, but did not. Therefore we said, that we would make our own path, and by a slope full of biting grass we reached a reef.
I finally reached the cliff and tried to draw a pattern to unlock the phone and check our position, but the character is portrayed by the blood that flows from my fingers. After a moment of effort I unlock the screen and realize that we climbed another mountain and we got lost.
I look at the mobile phone and compare the shape of the lakes. It do not fit, I shift the picture and see that we are somewhere else, deeper in the park where paths are not marked. We had to miss one sign. We’ve got enough. We are standing in the grass, that grows up to our waists. Our shoes have a small lake inside. I do not even know how to wipe my bloody hands, because everything is damp. It is cold and about 10 degrees. After reconsidering we found out that we passed one mountain and found ourselves elsewhere. It was two o’clock in the afternoon. That meant that we walked for three hours. Thus, once we get to the marks, we have to set up a camping and it will be difficult when we took a wrong turn in a swamp. Fuck a photo and a map on the phone. I pull out a compass, setting a course.

Thanks to better weather, it was more like a miracle after three hours of saying….”foot in front of foot”…we saw the yellow mark on the path. We had to decide whether to continue on the trail farther, it means climb another mountain with a height of 4100 meters or to return. We conclude that we would not make the planned loop and go back for about 0.5 kilometers, where we find a flat place on the soaked moss. At the sight of our previous camping. We spread the tent and I go climb 50 meters of elevation there and back for water. After the tuna with pasta we fall asleep again dead at 8.00 pm

P.S. From this day we don’t have a lot of photos because of  the fog and incredible humidity. Most of the photos we shot in the morning or late in the afternoon.