Here We Are

So, here we are. Sitting on the terrace of our hotel in Canoa – formerly a sleepy fishing village, now a sleepy weekend beach resort for the Ecuadorians.

I cannot believe that we really got up here. I’m not talking about the distance of Ecuador and the Czech Republic, but about the fact that we actually managed to turn months of planning into a reality and few days ago, we really said goodbye to the last members of our family, boarded the plane and departed direction South America.

Still on the plane I had very mixed feelings – the excitement of finally leaving that I had a few day ago, was replaced by fear, if we really can make it. Will we really manage such a long separation from our family and friends? Can we really rely on each other? Will we really bear each other even after few weeks? And in case of a crisis, will we really solve it together?

As always before landing, I was thinking about on which device to leave Czech time and which one to switch on a local one. Then I realized that we actually are not flying in for a fourteen-day holiday and that I do not have to care about what time it is back at home and at that thought tears spontaneously started to pour on my cheeks. And then my neighbor sitting at the window pulled up the blind and I spotted the majestic Andes and Quito, which extends as far as the eye can see on it’s hillsides, for the first time, and then we landed and everyone smiled at us and the taxi driver chatted with us despite the fact that we only know few words in Spanish and then we checked in a nice hostel in the center and had a beautiful night sleep… And suddenly everything was different – I realized that I was exactly where I wanted to be for the last several years, where the nicest people in the world are, beautiful nature and good food a where I simply love it. With a man, with whom I already travelled half of the world and I am sure we will not kill each other during the year (maybe we will not talk to each other for a couple of days, but that somehow belongs to our relationship).

And then we just got the idea that without any acclimatization we will go on a trip up to a 4300 m high volcano, and I knew I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world.

And now, here we are. We are looking at the ocean, listening to the waves, occasionally swap a few words with the other inhabitants of the hotel and we are looking forward to what the next year will bring us new and with what experiences and skills we will be leaving.