About the film

The story begins in a small town named Calenzana, on the island of Corsica. A young girl embarks on a journey along the legendary marked trail, GR 20. Through her feelings, you can experience what it takes to go 180km away from civilization, in extremely challenging terrain and in constant weather changes. GR 20 is considered one of the most difficult treks on the planet, but one of the most beautiful. A story full of unforgettable moments, is an adventure of 16 days spent in the wilderness.


lenght: 53 minutes
language: english, french
subtitles: english, french, czech

  • GR20?

    Grande Randonnée is an indication for trekking routes in France. The number then identifies a specific route. GR 20 is located in Corsica and leads from north to south. It is a long trek popular in Europe. Known as the most difficult trek, but also the most beautiful. The trek is 180 kilometers long and can be accomplished in 16 days.

  • Location

    We are fascinating of unique scenery in Corsica. Sapphire sea, white sand beaches and unique history. Among all of that, there is a backbone of island mountain, which reaches a height over 2,000 meters. Here our story takes place.


    For the very first time the entire route GR 20 has been documented in high picture quality from the surface and from the sky. All the footage was shot in 16 days, that allows the audience to see true emotions and feelings that a hiker can experience on the trek.


    Comes from people who love nature and want to be part of it. Their thoughts being transferred to film. Now everyone can experience it.

the soul of hiker