Ecuadorian-Style Ceviche Recipe

Ceviche is a typical south american dish prepared mainly along the coast of Peru and Ecuador. In Canoa, you can get ceviche in almost every beach shack and restaurant, we enjoyed it the most in Brisas del Mar, even though it was a little more expensive than anywhere else.

So, what is it? It basically is a cold seafood dish, in Ecuador it resembles a soup, whereas in Peru it is more a seafood salad without the sauce. It can be made of fish (usually corvina or dorado fillets), shrimps, shells, sometimes octopus or a mixture of it all. In restaurants it is usually served with sides of chifles (plantain chips), patacones (thick green plantain chips) or tostados (nut corns).

During one of my Spanish classes I told my teacher Isabelle that we really enjoy the dish and she offered to show me how to prepare it during our last class. So now I can say that I don’t speak Spanish, but I know how to make ceviche.

Isabelle warned me that every family prepares ceviche according to their own taste and it can even be different every time. We decided to make a fish version and my task was to get all necessary ingredients:

CEVICHE DE pescado
  • White fish fillets
  • Great amount of limes
  • Red onion, tomatoes, cucumber
  • Cilantro
  • Oil
  • Ketchup, mustard
  • Salt and pepper

First of all we cut the fish in smaller pieces and let it cook for a little while (no more than 5 minutes) in a small amount of water and a big amount of a lime juice. It’s good to start with it because fish and water has to cool down before adding it to other ingredients.

I was cutting the onion into tiny pieces while Isabelle (she is a much better and more faster cook than myself), took out seeds of cucumber, cut the flesh, mixed tomato juice (everything from inside of the tomatoes) with a little ketchup, mustard, oil and most of the water from cooking the fish into a thicker sauce and cut the tomato flesh.

We put all veggies, fish, lots of cilantro and the sauce into a big pot and started seasoning. In the end we added more lime juice than I originally thought we would need. More salt and pepper and it was perfect.

I would like to tell you how much of each ingredient we used, but it really depends on everyone’s taste. You can make it more or less acid, more or less liquid, with more veggies or more seafood… It’s all up to you and your taste!

In the end we let the ceviche cool down in the fridge for a few hours and ate it for dinner served with a side of chifles.

Buen provecho!