Everyone who knows me also knows, that I have a huge sweet tooth. But you can’t imagine my excitement, when we arrived to Cuenca and found out, that The Corpus Christi celebration was just going on and all the main square (Parque Calderón) was surrounded by stalls overflowing by super sweet pastry, chocolates, various gummy sweets and ice-cream.

Never heard of Corpus Christi? Nor did I. So what is it? 

Corpus Christi is a Christian feast celebrating a belief in the body and blood of Jesus Christ and his presence in eucharist (bread = my body, wine = my blood). The celebration starts 60 days after Easter and lasts one whole week. In Cuenca it is celebrated mainly by the sweets, parades and nightly fireworks sponsored by private donators.


We arrived to Cuenca by an urban bus number 26 directly from Chiquintad. We knew that the bus passes bus terminal and goes somewhere near the city center, where we’d previously booked our accommodation – Hostal Yakumama on We did not exactly know where to get out of the bus, so we did it on a stop, where most of the people did and went direction we thought our hostel could be. And for one time we did not get lost! After about four blocks we got to our street and found the hostel easily. We checked-in a very basic but comfortable room with an entrance from the hostel patio and directly did what we longed for all the week spent on the farm – jumped into a hot shower and each of us spent about 40 minutes there. What a great feeling it was to wash off all the dust, wash hair, even shave legs… After this long process we felt like reborn and were ready to explore the evening city mood.


Cuenca’s city center are basically the streets around the main square – Parque Calderón. It was about five minutes of walk from our hostel to the square. I was so excited when we got there and saw all the stalls with sweets and colorfully lighted cathedrals on both sides of the square. For a while we just wondered around the park, bought a few pieces of pastry and some gummy bears for later and each of us got a beef on a stick (not the best choice, it was so chewy that half of it we have to give to street dogs) and decided to have a dinner in our hotel’s bar. Not the best choice again, as it was the worst hamburger and the most expensive beer we’ve had so far in Ecuador. At least the passion fruit margarita was OK…

We were so much looking forward to the comfort and warmth of our real bed and blanket, that we went to bed right after dinner.