Beauty of Adventure is a full-service film & video marketing production, specialising in the Tourism and C.S.R.

emotion. story. perfection.


Beauty of Adventure was founded by Michal Janos in 2016. We believe what counts is what people remember, and feel. We look to collaborate with you at every step of the production process to make sure everyone is facing in the same direction. We only succeed when you do, and we’re committed to helping you reach your goals. Your imagination is only the beginning, the sky’s the limit.

We think you’ll love it.

Video & Film Marketing is now the most effective form of digital advertising in the world. Creating and managing quality content across online channels is rapidly becoming a top priority.
our most effective strategies


As we concept, we learn your brand, audience and goals so that we can effectively tell your story. Brand Identity is about driving passions. So move aside brain, the heart is back.

Docu-Narrative Structure

We specialise in making true movies, with docu-narrative structures, for our clients. We keep films short, with a length of 30 sec. – 90 sec., which is ideal for social networking and for website engagement. on your website.

Content Marketing

Is a long-term strategic marketing approach focused on consistently creating and delivering valuable & relevant information to a clearly-defined target audience. We help you create dynamic and rich video content that differentiates and elevates your brand to new level.


We have filmed documentaries and promotional videos in fourteen countries. Last year we won an award at an international travel film festival. We participated in the WTM London & TT Warsaw. We believe that our process and analysis of making top videos for marketing in the travel industry are best. We will help you maintain new clients and build relationships with existing ones.



8 years of experience in providing exclusive services makes us understand the specific needs of a luxury business or as we call it...
"service without compromise"

hotels & resorts I eco-lodges I private services I airlines I events I conferences


We are an award-winning production for eco-tourism and responsible travel. It is a new way of communication and it's very effective…

"70% of the millenniums prefer responsible travel"

no limits.


"Every production of an artis should be the expression of an adventure of his soul." 

W. Somerset Maugham

"we are explorers"

documentaries I nature I expeditions I hiking

C. S. R.


We are corporate social responsibility experts. We see being responsible and green as an opportunity for brand growth. We take pride in our ability to help clients tell their sustainability story in the way that’s most meaningful for their company, goals, and audience. No matter what your business is, we are here to help you communicate your actions. We were highlighted as one of the leading voices of innovative green communication by the French magazine  Decision Durables.

the process of our cooperation

pre - production

At the beginning of projects we like to meet for coffee, learn about our clients needs, and discuss project details, timeline, and delivery expectations. We put a premium on understanding the story first before we shoot a frame of video.


Our mission is to build authentic connections between your company and your customers, resulting in leads, ROI and better engagement. Of course. The shooting we love, the play of lights and shadows, cinematography is for us the most important part.

post - production

include editing, visual effects, audio production, and color grading.


You can use this video on your website, social media channels, and email marketing to catch the eye of your customers. We can also turn your video into an advertisement and distribute it using sophisticated digital marketing strategies.


We only succeed when you do, and we’re committed to helping you reach your goals.